Trauma, Dissociation, and the Soul
A Certificate Training Program

A Limited-Enrollment Intensive for Clinicians With Donald Kalsched, Ph.D.

At Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara California

Three Four-Day Sessions in 2017-2018
November 1-5, 2017; January 8-11, 2018; February 28-March 4, 2018

This program is an opportunity for clinicians from a variety of disciplines to explore the clinical, theoretical, and symbolic/spiritual dimensions of Donald Kalsched’s model of the inner world of trauma and its archetypal defenses of the imperishable personal spirit or soul--as described in his two books,1 many articles, and four decades of Jungian analytic practice.

This understanding of dissociative structure, described as the Self-Care-System (SCS), holds open the possibility of a new way of thinking about the symbolic processes in trauma as they open a window into the mystical dimensions of existence, a new way of understanding other contemporary dissociative models of the mind, and a new way of envisioning the unique contribution of Jungian Depth Psychology to modern clinical practice.

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